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Morehouse college senior, Wayne Hayer did not want to miss his algebra class on Friday due to upcoming midterms. Unfortunately, Hayer could not find childcare for his five-month-old daughter. So instead of skipping class or leaving his daughter, he took her with him. Hayer explained his predicament to professor Nathan Alexander who graciously took Hayer’s […]

Looks like Serena Williams will be taking a break from sports to tend to her new family life.

Kev On Stage is the newly appointment head of the Member Relations Committee.

Tika Sumpter explains why she never really feels too comfortable in her career.

In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about speaking life over her child.

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF wants to pray for the leaders who watch over the sheep in church. He thanks all of the pastors who christen the babies, but he also asks God to help church leaders remind parents to get their kids christened. He explains that sometimes parents get so caught up […]

In this edition of the True Hollywood Bible Stories, Erica Campbell & GRIFF tell the story of 1 Kings  Chapter 3, when two women had to stand before King Solomon. When one woman took switched out another woman’s baby, the mother was immediately aware that her child had been stolen. When the offending mother wouldn’t […]

In this edition of Faith Walking, our fabulous guest-host Maurette Brown-Clark talks about trusting in God so much that “you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” She talks about her experience having her first child. When she got pregnant and went to the doctor, the doctor saw some complications that […]


For the first time, Kaleb opened his eyes and grabbed his parents' fingers.


A day care in South Carolina is being investigated after a teenager shared a photo of her foot inside the mouth of a 7-month-old baby.


A Texas mother took initiative when her 10-month-old son was discovered locked inside of a daycare by staffers overnight.` Sharonda Ross says she dropped her…