From New York activists, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, compared Arizona’s new immigration law to apartheid, Nazi Germany and the Jim Crow South – and vowed to shut it down with mass protests. “We will bring Freedom Walkers to Arizona just like Freedom Riders went to the deep south 50 years ago,” Sharpton said […]


From Here is President Barack Obama’s letter to Al Sharpton for his National Action Network Conference Dear Reverend Sharpton: Congratulations to you and the National Action Network for another year of fighting for the rights of those who have no voice, and lifting up causes that would otherwise go unnoticed. I regret that I […]


Among the outspoken African-American political and social figures that have criticized President Obama for not doing more for black Americans in these tough economic times, Al Sharpton has emerged as the voice of support for Obama’s presidential initiatives designed to help all Americans. According to an article written for The Wall Street Journal, “President Barack […]


VIA: Hip-Hop activist Erica Ford, CEO and founder of Life Camp Inc., is teaming with the Reverend Al Sharpton to lead an emergency day of protest against violence across the country, on November 23rd. Sharpton will lead a rally in Atlanta Georgia while other rallies are scheduled to take place in major cities such […]