CBS News announces that Oprah will join '60 Minutes.' She will contribute several special segments.

Nate Parker sat down with Anderson Cooper in a prelude to this Sunday's episode of 60 Minutes to discuss the controversy surrounding his alleged rape case in 1999.

In what may have been one of his most candid  interviews to-date, President Barack Obama levied highly contentious charges against his Republicans rivals, accusing them of willingly allowing the economy to tank in order to regain the White House. RELATED: It Wasn’t My Fault: Obama’s Re-election Strategy Speaking with 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft in an interview that aired […]

President Obama appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes over the weekend and spoke in detail about the raid that he authorized that led to the killing of Osama bin Laden. President Obama went into great detail about the mission, describing the dangerous raid as one of the most tense moments of his presidency. Watch the entire […]

If you missed Beyonce’s interview on “60 Minutes” last night, here’s the video in full. Interviewer Steve Kroft opens with quite the introduction: “Her full name is Beyonce Knowles, but she is known far and wide simply as Beyonce. The important thing is that you don’t confuse her with what seems to be a gaggle […]