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Daily Motivation, A Powerful Word To Get You Through The Day!  was originally published on

1. Jekalyn Carr with a WORD!

2. Evvie Mckinney with a powerful word

3. Rudy Currence

4. Tauren Wells

5. Brian Courtney Wilson

6. Somethings Fall Apart to Fall in a Better Place

7. 2 Samuel 22:4

8. Denzel Washington – “You will be tested before you achieve greatness”

9. Steve Harvey – “the guarantee is that you won’t make it”

10. Jor’Dan Armstrong

11. Deitrick Haddon

12. Faith Talk Challenge

13. Kirk Franklin Takes Us to Church!

14. Won’t He Do It!

15. Michelle Obama- Power of Hope

16. Erica Campbell – Lord Jesus, we thank you.

17. Denzel Washington Says What it Means When The Devil Ignores You

18. Jekalyn Carr – The resurrection

19. Jekalyn Carr – I challenge you to support others in their prosperous season

20. Steve Harvey- People’s Opinions of You is None of Your Business

21. Steve Harvey- Money Does Not Buy Happiness

22. Steve Harvey – No Negative Thoughts

23. T. D. Jakes- Commit to Your Dream

24. T. D. Jakes- Don’t Quit