1. God’s Gurls

A young band on a mission to make music and a difference, God’s Gurls.

2. God’s Gurls

3. God’s Gurls

4. Veda Howard

Since this month’s Gospel Jazz Live was a Jazzy Ladies Edition, it was hosted by comedian and Praise 102.5/102.9 personality, Veda Howard. HAHAlujah!

5. The Honey Child House Band

The house band was comprised of very gifted women instrumentalist. Since they didn’t have a name, Veda Howard named them the “Honey Child House Band”.


The Honey Child House Band

7. The Honey Child House Band and Veda Howard

Veda Howard singing with the Honey Child House Band

8. Gabbie McGee

Powerful Jazz vocalist and “Mississippi’s Daughter”, Gabbie McGee

9. Gabbie McGee

10. Gabbie McGee

11. Myron G

Listen to Gospel Jazz with Myron G on Praise 102.5/102.9 every Sunday from 3p-7p.

12. Myron G and Veda Howard

Myron G and Veda Howard having fun with the audience.

13. Toni Byrd

Gifted Jazz vocalist, Toni Byrd

14. Toni Byrd

15. Toni Byrd


Veda Howard singing and blowing out her birthday candles. You have to multitask!

17. Jazzy Selfie

Before closing the show, Veda Howard gathers the audience for a “Jazzy Selfie”.

18. Gospel Jazz Live: Jazzy Ladies Edition