Vanessa Williams is no stranger to gracing magazines covers with her stunning beauty, after all she has been in the business for over 30 years and still looks as beautiful as she did when she won Miss America back in 1983. However her latest magazine cover courtesy of Essence magazine is likely a little bit […]

It’s that time of the year again. All of the real housewives are sharpening their knives, ironing extra linens for their guest bedrooms and putting together their holiday menus. You, however, are the Anti-Housewife. You are preparing for Thanksgiving by thanking God that you survived another year of botched meals without burning down your poor […]

“Meditation is pondering the Word in our hearts, preaching it to our own souls, and personally applying it to our own lives and circumstances. It is how we sanctify our thinking and bring it into submission to Christ—taking every thought captive.” Ken Puls of Founders Ministries With all that we have going on around us […]

Overnight, protesters blocked off several streets and a portion of I-85 near the scene of the crime, rallying for justice.

What do you have right now to be grateful for? Are you overlooking it because you’re more focused on what you WANT than what you HAVE? Things can always be better. The question is, what are you doing in the meanwhile? Are you waiting on something to be happy? I believe that you can find […]

                Today’s Lunch Time Lifter was by Pastor Kewin B. Lee, as he discussed during his sermon Positive Results Of Operating In Unity; how we couldn’t have done anything without god and his blessings. Check out the full sermon below.   For more info about KD Bowe or to schedule […]

I recently had a convo with best selling author Dennis Kimbro and there was one segment that was AMAZING, but I couldn’t play it on an inspirational (Gospel) formatted station because Dennis kept it VERY real! Listen and enjoy! Dr Kimbro will be in town THIS Saturday. Find out where you can hear him speak […]