DeLana Rutherford: It’s easy to look at DeLana singing onstage in her leather pants and spiked heels and mistake her for a rock star. She and her husband Myles pastor Worship the Wonders Church, where music plays a big part in their ministry. They write their own music and perform original songs at every Sunday service. In addition to her love for music, DeLana is passionate about helping children. A mom of two, she often acts as a surrogate mother to young members of her congregation.

Domonique Scott: Domonique is anything but a typical preacher’s wife. She’s bold, brash and unapologetically honest. Domonique was saved after enduring a troubled childhood on the rough streets of Miami. Eventually she moved to Atlanta, where she met and married Brian, an Evangelical pastor. The couple has two daughters together. After years of growing The Good Life Ministry, the Scotts fell on hard times and were forced to close the church’s doors. They are now looking for new opportunities to fulfill their calling, and Domonique is hoping to repair the damage that losing the church caused to her marriage.

Ivy Couch: Most first ladies don’t have a colorful past like Ivy. As a former member of the girl group Xscape, Ivy lived the partying life of a pop star. But since meeting her husband Mark, pastor of the Emanuel Tabernacle Church, Ivy is singing a different tune. She’s now a dutiful first lady, wife and mother to a one-year-old son. Her not-so-wholesome past helps Ivy relate to and connect with her inner-city congregation.

Tara Lewis: When people find out Tara is a first lady, they usually do a double take. She’s fit and fabulous (and her wardrobe leaves little to the imagination). Tara and her husband Brian recently relocated their family from Los Angeles to Atlanta so Brian could pastor a new church. However, Brian, who was actually raised Jewish, lost his position at the church after only six weeks. Now the two are struggling to find their footing in a city where new churches and new friends…are hard to come by.

Five Atlanta preacher wives will be featured in the reality show, but with a church/spiritual twist. These women will take you on a ride into their lives outside of the church walls, and don’t be surprised at what you learn and see. Pastor Tara and Dr. Brian Lewis, the Executive Producers and Hosts of Phenomenal Life Today, are Christian Television Personalities, Published Authors, Senior Pastors and Corporate Marketplace Executives sharing a Cross-cultural Renaissance Message that Empowers People to Live Phenomenal Lives in Jesus Christ.


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