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Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher of New Bern, N.C., hold the world record for life in wedded bliss: 85 years. He’s 104, and she’s 101.

On their May 13 anniversary, they will join an elite club: the longest marriages on record. One couple got a big head start on their marriage. You must go back more than 200 years to find the other couple married 86 years.

A Fisher time line: Around their 10th anniversary, the vacuum cleaner hit the market. When they celebrated their 25th anniversary, Pattie Page’s “Doggie In The Window” was a hit. When they marked their 50th, the newly created yellow smiley face icon was everywhere. By the time they reached their 75th year of marriage, America was hooked on the “Survivor” reality series.

The Fishers dabbled in social media by tweeting their secrets to a long, happy marriage for Valentine’s Day last month.

Zelmyra Fisher still gets around with a walker, and Herbert loves to watch the Atlanta Braves on television. They credit their marital success to faith in God, a loving family and few big fusses over their long marriage.

Wondering about other wedding records? Not that we’re keeping count, but two French nursing home residents tied the knot at a ripe age. Too bad things didn’t go that well for Ida and Simon Stern.

Though the Fishers have weathered good times and bad, Linda Essex and “Scotty” Wolfe went in a different direction.

Words of wisdom? These centenarians offer video advice for a long life.

Marriage Advice:

Question: You got married very young – how did u both manage to grow as individuals yet not grow apart as a couple?

Answer: Everyone who plants a seed & harvests the crop celebrates together. We are individuals, but accomplish more together.

Question: At the end of bad relationship day, what is the most important thing to remind yourselves?

Answer: Remember marriage is not a contest – never keep a score. God has put the two of you together on the same team to win.

The Fishers marriage advice comes from

If you’re still seeking a formula for a good marriage, try these.

But when you get right down to it, former record-holder Percy Arrowsmith knew the key to wedded bliss boiled down to two words: “Yes, Dear.”

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