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Though the fatal shooting of Steven Ercolino, 41, by Jeffrey Johnson outside of the Empire State Building was tragic in and of itself, the aftermath — and it’s cover-up quality — by the New York Police Department has left many people scrambling to exactly understand the events.

Nine people were wounded, including 3 shot and 6 struck by gun fragments. Initially, NYPD officers claimed that Johnson randomly opened fire and injured the passers-by.

In a press conference Friday, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that it was a possibility that cops did the shootings, but alluded to wide spread gun violence being the culprit:

“New York City, as you know, is the safest big city in the country, and we are on pace to have a record low number of murders this year,” Bloomberg said. “But we are not immune to the national problem of gun violence.”

Injured 23-year-old Robert Asika, who was shot in the arm, said that he was “100 percent positive” cops were the gunmen, and the NYPD has now confirmed that story.

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