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The meaning of Inspiration is a divine influence or action on a person; it’s the power of moving the intellect or emotions toward an expected end “Victory and Purpose.”  For me it’s a balance of your life Vision and Action.  Simply put “Living on Purpose by Living out Your Purpose.

Working on the nationally syndicated Yolanda Adams Morning Show is a dream come true. Ever since I was thirteen years old and watched my local Gospel station interview football players at my high school, the passion and drive for broadcasting became my goal.

Everywhere we go people tell us how the show inspires and encourages them, and how much fun they have because they know we’re having fun.  One of our greatest compliments is when we hear from faithful listeners who are thankful for the daily encouragement. We are able to get that reaction from our listeners because of the preparation that I do before & after each show.

The daily goal is to inspire everyone to “Live on Purpose” while living a balanced life to the fullest.  For me it’s using my Divine Purpose to influence lives daily. Our motto is “Faith, Family, Friends and Fun.”  Our most important principal is that we treat everyone as a family member.  We want to provide inspiration, information and biblical insight on how to live, so my drive is to provide valuable yet practical principles for success.

Every morning I arrive at the station two hours before show time. I check my usual websites for stories that would interest our demographic. I also search for audio clips that would complement those stories.  I then check out the local news sites to determine which headlines will be the most discussed of the day. As soon as I have gathered the daily headlines & stories, the editing begins to get down to the meat of each article. Eventually, my prep will be combined with Jay Rodriguez’s our producer, and Yolanda’s & Marcus’ prep. We’ll determine what’s best for the show and roll with it.

One of the best things about our show is that each of us bring ideas to the table and decide how to execute.  We always have a game plan going into each show.  Our main focus is on those things that are a priority and personal for the listener from God’s plan, a political policy, religious law, community awareness or family vision. My personal goal is to find the inspiration that will uplift, heal and bring peace to every heart.

We work hard to provide encouragement (hot topics), to provide excitement (Reality AV, Inside Inspiration), to edify (Points of Power), to provide an outlet for expression (Say What You Want to Say), to educate (headlines, Wellness), and to remind you to live in expectation.  While the show may last four hours a day, I’m constantly checking for things that are appropriate for the show.

When you think of “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show” always think of living on purpose as I do daily by living out my dream with the show that’s all about Faith, Family, Friends and Fun.  My life status is: live in faith and expectation because your destiny is waiting on you! Go Get It!

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