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Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman personally requested an interview with the legendary Barbara Walters, but Walters declined after Zimmerman made a ridiculous request.

Walters was all set to interview Zimmerman until Zimmerman said he wanted Walters (or the folks at ABC) to pay for a month’s stay in hotels.

“She went down there with every intention of doing an interview, but Mr. Zimmerman made a demand at the last minute that we could not and would never agree to,” said an ABC News official, according to Radar Online.

Zimmerman must be running low on all the money he received from his website before the site was shut down. Zimmerman recently relaunched his personal website to beg the public for donations — despite the fact that his attorney, Mark O’Mara, has a fund set up to collect money for Zimmerman’s legal costs.

Zimmerman wrote on his personal site:

“Given the extraordinary circumstances surrounding this case, we have now realized that it is much larger than we ever thought regarding its extent and cost. We have been in hiding in temporary housing, and our security needs have been extremely high. The fund has been devastated by the need to pay $100,000 to a bondsman and almost $50,000 in security expenses. The skyrocketing legal costs have gone unpaid. The defense fund is at its lowest point since its inception; in fact, with outstanding expenses yet unpaid, the fund is near depletion.”

According to, Zimmerman attacked his lawyers tactics in raising funds. Check out the tweet below:


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