Michelle Obama Gets Emotional While Urging Voters To Give President Obama Another Term [VIDEO]


First Lady Michelle Obama gave an emotional speech in Colorado this week, urging the same voters that voted President Obama into office last term, to vote for her husband again for a second term. Mrs. Obama didn’t let her emotions overtake her, but she did allow the urgency of her request to show.

“That is what I think about every night when I tuck my girls in,” an emotional Mrs. Obama said at a high school in Centennial, Colorado. “I think about the world I want to leave for them. I think about how I want to do for them what my dad did for me.”

She continued, “So if you want to know why I’m passionate, it’s because of them. We cannot turn back now—we have come too far. But there is so much more work to do. There just is. So let me ask one question—one last question: Are you in? Are you in?”

Check Out Michelle Obama’s speech below:


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