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Throughout this legislative session, the Capitol has welcomed soldiers, Boy Scouts and police officers to come speak before the House or the Senate.

On the 19th day, they honored a general.

General Larry Platt, the civil rights warrior-turned “American Idol” star for his socially conscious tune, “Pants on the Ground,” was honored by the Senate and the House today.

It was arguably the most exciting event of the session thus far.

With his hair freshly-cut in a box fade and sporting four stars on each shoulder, Platt waded through crowds of legislators, pages, lobbyists and well-wishers, shaking their hands.

He asked state troopers on guard throughout the Capitol to help him persuade kids to keep their pants up.

“I want these pants to come up,” Platt told Senators from Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle’s podium. “These people have embarrassed the community and embarrassed ya’ll.”

Watching a feed of Platt speaking in the House, Gov. Sonny Perdue called him to his office.

Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta), who brought Platt to the Capitol, said he performed his song for the governor, before the two broke out in dance.

Platt, who has a long, colorful and sometimes painful history within the civil rights movement – he was beaten at the Edmund Pettus Bridge – has risen to international acclaim after his audition on American Idol.

Platt performed his original, “Pants on the Ground,” about how stupid kids look walking around with their pants hanging down.

A minor local celebrity for his civil rights work, the performance made Platt a star. Platt, of course, didn’t make it to Hollywood on the show, but who else from this season can you name?

Platt is now using his influence to sway lawmakers.

“I want a law passed to get kids to pick their pants off the ground,” Platt said. “And if they go to jail, they have to serve 50 years. I don’t care.”

Fort was non-committal on if he was going to introduce a bill.

“I’m not sure,” Fort said, tugging on his pants, to make sure they were secure.


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