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One day after we posted video footage of Paula White being wrapped in a Torah scroll by Ralph Messer, White is distancing herself from Messer, the same controversial figure who wrapped Bishop Eddie Long in a Torah scroll and declared Long a king.

On February 3 the Florida Courier published a “breaking news” report based on a rumor that White would be crowned queen during a Super Bowl Sunday service at her Florida congregation, New Destiny Christian Center. White and her attorney refuted the claims in a statement and denied that White had any “ties or affiliations” with Rabbi Ralph Messer.

While the statement acknowledged that Messer had been a guest on Paula White’s TV show, the statement does not mention the Torah wrapping ceremony that took place during Messer’s appearance on White’s program.

There has been much talk about Reverend White as she is now pastor of deceased Zachary Tim’s former flock.

One day after the news report was published, White issued the following statement on

Late last night, a local newspaper published an article alleging that Rabbi Ralph Messer was set to “enthrone” or “coronate” Pastor Paula White. This allegation is utterly and completely false. There is not a single shred of truth in it. Nevertheless, the newspaper has continued to post this ridiculous story, even after Pastor White’s representative repeatedly denied the story directly to the publisher. In the past, Pastor Paula has interviewed Rabbi Messer on her television show. However, to be clear, Rabbi Messer has not been invited to participate in any service of New Destiny Christian Center or any other service with Pastor White. She has no ties or affiliation with him. She does not endorse him in any way, and she will not be participating in any events with him. Any suggestion to the contrary is totally false.

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