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Despite  George Lucas’s struggles to get any major movie studio to take a film featuring an all African-American cast, Red Tails proudly sits at second place at the box office.

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Hollywood studios were stunned by how well the No. 2 film, George Lucas banner film Red Tails, did in matinees today. Until they discovered that the Lucasfilm/Twentieth Century Fox movie’s marketing inside the African-American community resulted in busloads of schoolkids and midday filmgoers for the Tuskegee airmen’s story.

Some industry professionals believe that this big win in the box office is a one-time thing. They feel after opening weekend, Red Tails will start to see ticket sales spiral down.

Right now the pic appears very frontloaded but could keep surprising by flying towards $20M because of its ‘A’ CinemaScore from audiences.

Red Tails showcases a star studded cast including singer Ne-Yo, actor Terrence Howard from films like Iron Man and many more A level actors, not to mention the backing of entertainment icon making icon George Lucas. Red Tails can be currently seen in theaters across the nation. See the full story at


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