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After Herman Cain’s interview with MSNBCs Lawrence O’Donell, more attention has been paid to the Republican’s time at Morehouse College in Atlanta during the apex of the civil rights movement.

Cain had previously said he was a high school student during the civil rights movement and wasn’t old enough to participate, but records show he attended Morehouse, a hotbed for civil rights activism, from 1963-1967.

Students in the Atlanta University Center were very active in the civil rights movement, so much so that Fair Street was recently renamed Atlanta Student Movement Street. Their activities included conducting sit-ins and urging boycotts of Rich’s downtown department store, which was segregated at the time.

The Grio reports:

Civil rights activities, as several who attended Morehouse during the same years as Cain attest, were part of the Morehouse character, especially during that era. Dr. Walter M. Burns, a Houston native who now leads the Christian Home Community Church just outside Atlanta, shared that “Some of Dr. King’s people would come over and get some of us to march with them and, of course, as a freshman and a sophomore, I marched occasionally.”

Burns, who knows Cain well, also added that “We had a chance to be around Dr. King.” In fact, on Sundays, buses regularly carted Morehouse students to King’s family church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he often preached, Burns pointed out.

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