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HOUSTON-Pastor Tracy Bernard Burleson is on trial for allegedly having his son, William Fuller kill his wife, Pauletta Burleson execution style in their garage in 2010.

Fuller claims that he killed Pauletta Burleson on the orders of his father.

Sad! Cops Say Man Killed Wife And Shot Two Pastors

The Huffington Post reports:

The pastor’s alibi for the shooting appears to have some major holes. While Burleson admits that he and his wife argued in their driveway, he claims he went to a convenience store for chips and candy before she was killed. But investigators didn’t find any snacks in his car afterward, the Chronicle reports.

Neighbors say they heard the gunshot at 10:15 p.m. — but the store where Burleson claims to have made his purchases closed at 10 p.m.

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