CHARLESTOWN, SC — The Charlestown Post And Courier in South Carolina is reporting about a rising trend of females taking senior positions in black churches across America.

These women, and many others throughout the Lowcountry coastal region of South Carolina, are part of a trend in the black church. Increasingly, women are seeking ordination and assuming senior leadership positions in the region’s AME, Presbyterian, Baptist and nondenominational churches.

The change is mostly welcomed by churchgoers, though some traditionalists have said they prefer male pastors. But even those who resist the tide note that women are just as likely as men to feel called to serve, and that they often bring welcomed attributes to the job, according to local church leaders.

What’s more, the growing number of women leaders finally is helping churches achieve a certain gender equilibrium. About two-thirds of most congregations (black and white) consist of women, yet women have remained underrepresented in leadership positions, local observers have said.

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