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Another way to rid your face of blackheads and whiteheads besides using your fingers is to use a comedone extractor like this Double-ended Blended Extractor ($16, If not used properly, this stainless steel double loop tool, will most certainly leave a scar, so please remember to apply just enough pressure during extraction. If you haven’t used one of these tools before, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Sterilize the tool by pouring 2-3 teaspoons of rubbing alcohol into a small bowl and let tool soak for one minute.

Step 2: Steam your face to open your pores…fill your bathroom sink or a bowl with hot water. Place a dry towel over your head and bend over for at least 2-3 minutes while the steam does it’s job.

Step 3: Place the flat loop directly over the blackhead (only after it’s come to a head) and use just enough pressure to extract the offender. You’ll know that the blackhead’s gone because it’ll pop through the loop – that’s nasty! Use the small loop to remove whitehead’s by applying the appropriate amount of pressure and using a slight wiping motion to clear your pores.

NOTE: If you suffer from acne cysts, do not use this tool and seek the help of a dermatologist!

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