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“He will fill your lips with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” – Job 8:21

The sole purpose of this blog is to bring some humor.  I’m a simple woman (for the most part).  I enjoy a good laugh and I definitely enjoy making others laugh.  I think sometimes we become so serious in our walk with the Lord that we forget to laugh and truly enjoy the walk.  Chile please!  I be Jesus and his disciples had some good laughs.  All that time they spent together and I’m pretty positive that someone had a gas problem that the other disciples made fun of.

There are so many blessings we receive when we attend church and hear the word go forth and the singing and praising going forth.  But there are also soooooo many funny things that I can’t help but to notice.  One thing I always notice is when I sit down behind what I assume is a plant.  But then the plant starts to move.  The plant starts to dance and do the stanky leg.  I realize it’s not a plant but a hat on someone’s head!  I’m all for making a fashion statement.  Truly I am.  But ur ra ta… I can’t really focus and get my praise on with a hat doing the stanky leg one row in front of me.

And uh…speaking of the stanky leg…I’m all for getting your praise on in church.  I’ve been known to get a shout or two in myself.  But it scares the track star outta me when folks take off into a full on sprint around the church.  I thank God they can praise so freely but chile please, is there some sort of on your mark get so go warning a sister can get?  This is why I love church.  You can be yourself completely.  Imagine if you’re at work and someone just took off running and hollering around the building.  All you’d hear over the loudspeaker is:  “Security needed on the third floor”.

I grew up going to church all of my life.  My mom was a singer and so we traveled locally to several churches.  My favorite memories have to be those tent revivals we had to attend on those hot New Jersey summer nights.  I think because it was held outdoors the track stars I mentioned earlier would take it to another level and just run down the street and not come back until the service was almost over.  I would ask my mom where were they?  Where did they go?  Mommy would say, they just ran off to praise the Lawd baby.   That was back in the day when girls could only wear dresses and those hard Buster Brown shoes to church.  Boys had to wear those tight Swedish knit pants.  Now you can go to church and see the House of Dereon represented with a side of Fubu and a dose of Sean John all over the place.  There’s nothing wrong with labels or wearing name brand clothes.

I just want the woman who reads the announcements to one day tell everyone who needs to move their car to please do so now because you’re blocking the pastor’s spot, to also go change your clothes from the ones your wore to the club last night.  Chile please!  I’m just glad folks are coming to church anyway.

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