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Think And Grow Richer And Richer | Dr. Willie Jolley

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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “Think And Grow Richer And Richer”

It’s a day when you can make things happen. I know about that because Napoleon Hill, also the landmark book think and grow rich. And my friend Doctor Dennis Kimbrough, who wrote the book for People of Color, called Think and Grow Rich, a black choice. Both said when you act on your challenges, you can tear in a crisis into a coma. 

Act. You’ll find an opportunity. They say that every adversity contains at the same time a seed of equivalent opportunity. If there were no problem, there would be no opportunities and you don’t have to go look for a problem. No, the problem will find you. Yeah, we can turn those setbacks into comebacks by changing our thinking and looking for the opportunities in the midst of the adversity. You must decide to stay positive and decide if you want to see that this set back that you can either cry about it or see it as an opportunity that you should be excited about. It’s your choice, so I recommend that you choose to win. Besides that, your Christ is nothing but a setup for a greater comeback, and you can turn it around. 

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