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Here’s a stat you may not know: 22% of millennials are going into debt from dating, and one in five singles who are dating say that they are dating less due to inflation. So how can you go on the date without hitting your pockets and hurting your chances of a 2nd date? Finance expert Anthony O’Neal stops by the Get Up Church to give tips on how not to go into debt while dating.


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Dating for singles who are using credit cards and debt to date, give us some good tips on money and what to do.


Inflation makes everything cost a whole lot more that includes your dating life. And then it also includes debt because lets be real that is more expensive with these higher rates. So don’t rely on debt when you’re dating. Start by telling your money where to go. And you do that with a budget I want you to focus on four things that’s your food housing, transportation, and utilities then after that you have other essentials like your debt and insurance. And then once you cover your priorities dating is not the rest of your money I call it your “fun money.” So get a budget line and put fun money on there myself. So you know what, I’m a single person I’m gonna go out on a date this weekend to spend no more than X amount of money for that because my priorities are taken care of.


What advice would you give to someone who’s struggling to pay off their debt and they want to date should they pause on dating?


I’m not gonna say completely stopped dating but I will probably say pause because if you have debt you need to get intentional about you know how you get out of debt and put a plan together so use a Debt Snowball Method loose list all your debt from smallest to largest, regardless of the interest rate, attack the smallest one the first once you pay that off, then boom, roll it over to the next one. But as you’re working on your debt, here’s what I’m saying get intentional and get creative, maybe going on a Groupon date doesn’t sound attractive, but it is worth it. You know maybe do a grip event but you know the ladies don’t think that the brothers we say that but you know sometimes these younger ladies group on date No, sir.


What advice would you give to millennials are other girls who feel like they can’t get ahead financially and they’re just turned, you know, they just tempted to turn the debt and enjoy their lives?


Here’s the truth, man, we’re all up against the law right now. You know, interest rates are going up sky home high price. But that is still not the answer. They will keep you paying for your past instead of focusing on your future and you will be paying for girlfriends in the past and you can’t tell your wife or your husband in the future. Yeah, so I told everyone that is usually a behavior problem, like going into debt for a date instead of for getting creative with what works for your budget today. So get intentional and get out of debt. It will require some sacrifice, but you will have to be willing to deal with some of the inconvenience now so we could truly build wealth tomorrow. For our families focus on your future. You know, he could really focus on your future and not focus on your past, you’re going to be alright because debt at the end of the day robs us of our dreams blocking us from building our homes blocking us from starting our businesses. So if we can get focused and intentional about pretty much you know where we are today and where we’re going tomorrow, we’ll be alright.



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