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Growing up in the entertainment industry can often be a challenge.

The ladies of Trin-i-tee 5:7 consider themselves to be blessed because they had strong foundations built by family and true friends.

Chanelle Haynes and Angel Taylor have performed together since their days as high school classmates and have been best friends for nearly 20 years.  As part of a group, they have professionally recorded together for 14 years. “The evolution of Trinitee 5:7 has come with many beautiful seasons, and great accomplishments,” said Taylor and Haynes. “We’ve been tremendously blessed to have been given the opportunity to inspire so many through our music. A new season has come upon us, and we realize by embracing this change, the best is yet to come. Now as a duo we look forward to sharing our hearts and souls with you through our music on our newest project, A New Day.”

In the first part of their interview they discussed their upcoming new album. You can view that here.

In this  interview Chanelle and Angel talk about growing up.

The ladies were adamant that it is necessary to reflect  and take time out each day to do that. An accurate assessment who you really are became a focal point of the discussion. It is not who you perceive yourself to be or how you present yourself to others, but who you are. It takes running to God and his Word for insight and clarity. It is recalling  God made me and he gave us the Scriptures so that we would know him and know ourselves. Asking the input of trusted friends and family is also very important. And no one can do a better job of giving you an accurate picture of who you are than God’s Word.

How about you? Have you ever tried to change by depending on your own will power? How did it go? Have you tried to change depending on God’s guidance and power? How did that go?


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