Thanksgiving begins the holiday season in America.  You often hear people ask, “What are you thankful for”? In a time of high unemployment, a dismal housing market, highly publicized teen suicides and a divided government, do you have to think harder to find something to be thankful for? Are you finding yourself more focused on how to make ends meet than being thankful that they do? I guess the looming question is, are we really to be thankful in spite of?

My answer is YES! Life happens to all of us, and that includes events we don’t enjoy. I’m sure you can reflect on something that you wish had turned out differently – but the truth of the matter is you can’t change the past. However, you can move forward with realistic optimism and a grateful attitude. The choice to view the glass as half full instead of half empty is yours.

I Thessalonians 5:18 encourages the reader to give thanks in all things because it’s God’s will. What I find interesting about that scripture, is that there is no qualifier given. It doesn’t say give thanks if all is well or give thanks if you feel great about your life. It just simply says give thanks because that’s God’s will I believe God knows that being thankful is infectious and breeds the positive energy we need to move through all situations.

My thinking is that perspective is everything. What happens to you is not as important as how you respond to it. I say assess your current circumstances and be glad things are as well as they are. By the same token, being thankful does not being complacent. Dream big, plan accordingly and work hard to realize your next level – but in the meantime, gratitude is the best option! – Ted Winn

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