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Featured Organization: Georgia Community Support & Solutions (GCSS)

Address: 1945 CLIFF VALLEY WAY, SUITE 220, ATLANTA GA 30329

Phone: (404) 634-4222


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GCSS provides community based services and supports to people with disabilities in metro Atlanta and surrounding counties. GCSS has built a reputation for innovative, effective and successful programming and a willingness to assist in even the most challenging support situations. Since its inception, GCSS has provided supports and services to over 10,000 Georgians, and now has a staff of more than 325 dedicated professionals, paraprofessionals and program staff providing services for 15 key programs.

Georgia is at a critical juncture in the advancement of services for adults with autism. With the dramatic growth in numbers of children who are diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) over the last few years, the number of adults is burgeoning. The rapid rise in number has created a systemic change in special education programs across America, but since the increase is primarily notated in diagnosis of children, services are lagging behind for adults. In the past, adults with autism were incorporated as best as possible into existing generic developmental disability service programs. However as seen with the development of special education services specific to students with autism, there are identifiable supports necessary to assist adult individuals with autism. Currently though in Georgia, there are no programs that provide these supports. At the request of and in partnership with several families in need, GCSS is developing a new Georgia Adult Autism Program designed to provide community supports for adults with autism. This is a new service available in the Metro Atlanta area and parents and caregivers should be aware of their options.