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Featured Organization: SafeHouse Outreach

Address: 89 ELLIS STREET, ATLANTA GA 30303

Phone: (404) 523-2221


SafeHouse Outreach is an urban outreach committed to affecting real change in the lives of those in the margins of society, by providing a hand up, not just a hand out. SafeHouse Outreach provides practical, emotional, and physical assistance to those living in the margins, and helps integrate them back into society – to lead healthy, functional lives.

A booth in a local hamburger restaurant became the headquarters for SafeHouse on Friday and Saturday nights. Within 6 months, over 200 volunteers came together with manpower and compassion and began reaching out to anyone in need. Soon SafeHouse outgrew the booth and moved to a storefront off Peachtree Street.

They held church service at midnight on Friday nights and became known within the city as a place where the unreachable could come for assistance. This was the beginning of SafeHouse becoming a full service community development organization.

Partnering with local city churches and corporations, SafeHouse expanded their outreach with feeding programs, rehab, and job placement; providing for these partners the expertise to impact their community.

Over the past 25 years, SafeHouse has been instrumental in impacting lives and changing communities. Recognized by city mayors, governors, and the President, Safehouse offers a hand up not just a hand out and is active in finding a solution to those in crisis.

Nationally and internationally, SafeHouse is sought after to replicate their efforts in other communities.


Problem Solvers

SafeHouse solves big and small problems daily for those living on the streets of Atlanta. From the simple, providing a street address for someone seeking employment, to the complex, putting together the details to reunite someone with family in another state, Problem Solvers helps each person with his or her individual situation.

SafeHouse Health Clinic

Opened since June 2004, the Health Clinic offers drug and health screenings and chiropractic services to the poor. Doctors, nurses, and Georgia State nursing students volunteer their time and experience to help those who can’t afford health care.

Family Resource Center

Assisting with unexpected pregnancies, job skills training, GED classes, parenting classes, transitional housing placement, the Family Resource Center brings practical help to women-in –crisis. The Mentoring Moms programs pairs a volunteer woman with a young pregnant mother-to-be throughout her pregnancy to offer support and friendship.