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Being quarantined due to COVID-19 is really challenging our economy and displacing many Americans because of lack of revenue, especially for our small business owners and hourly workers.  

Currently, many people are out of work and on unpaid leave. While many Americans are trying to figure out how to acquire other streams of income, we have highlighted 5 businesses you can quickly start while you’re quarantined. These business ideas will be beneficial in creating residual income in the current state of our economic climate.


Become a freelancer on Fiverr and Upwork

Being a digital freelancer during the time of quarantine will definitely help you make some residual income. Fiverr and Upwork are tailored for freelancers and contractors.

Fiverr provides these detailed services: Graphic designers, Digital marketing, Writing and translation, Video & Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Business, Lifestyle, Industry (Podcast, political campaigns, content curation, and more).

For small and large companies who need a quick turn around,  Upwork provides similar services as Fiverr but many software developers and tech freelancers utilize it. Upwork provides freelance services in: Web/app software, design, writing, sales and marketing, administration support, customer service, data science and analyst, and engineering/architecture.


Online tutoring app/software

With schools being out for 2-3 weeks and students doing school work remotely, this is a perfect opportunity to create an online tutoring business or software. Having an online tutoring business will help a great deal of parents who are juggling working remote and making sure their kids are academically engaged. In addition, it helps you too because again you have another stream of revenue coming in your household.


Remote Translator

As our country continues to diversify its population the need for translators within companies and online has become a top priority. Translators are a definite need during quarantine because businesses are looking for them to translate documents, make online edits, continue to cultivate their international relationships with their clients, special needs for project management, television/content programming and such much more. On average freelance translators’ salaries range from 30k-80k and hourly rates from $21-$40, so furth. Start looking into Gengo, Unbabel and Language Line as top translators platforms to become a freelancer/contractor.


Create a podcast

It may seem as if the podcast culture is a saturated market but it really isn’t. Podcasting is still a great market to get into especially as a time such as this. While people are quarantined in their homes they will have a need to listen to different medium platforms that will keep their minds at ease. You can create a podcast just for meditation, positive affirmations, or pure comedy. Everyone needs a good laugh to lighten the load.


Create an Online Thrifting store

While we are social distancing from malls, stores, and outlets, this will be the perfect time to create your own online store. A thrift store at that. I know many of you have cleaned your house and purged your closets. Well, let that pile of clothes you purged create income in your home. Many shopaholics are probably experiencing withdrawals from the mall and amazon prime. Your newly online thrift store can bring back that fashionable joy.

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Words by: Kinyana Mccoy

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