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Scientists all over the world agree that climate change and global warming are having seriously negative affects on Planet Earth. But if you ask evangelical christians, they will overwhelming tell you climate change and global warming is a hoax or is something that just isn’t in human control.

According to Pew Research, 37% of evangelicals thinks it’s a hoax and 24% of evangelicals thinks it’s natural causes. But, when you look at these same numbers among African Americans it looks very different. 56% of black christians believe climate change and global warming is a man made issue, and that humans must solved thees issues in order for this planet to be livable in 50 years. So why are these numbers so different.

Maybe it has some to do with evangelicals interpretation of the Bible, and maybe also some to do with politics but regardless, African Americans might have to suck it up and save us from global warning by convincing others that we are in this together.

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