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According to Fox News, a North Carolina man is suing Hardee’s, claiming the manager of the fast-food chain did not treat him fairly when he gave the man too few Hash Rounds on his breakfast plate.

58-year-old, Tommy Martin is accusing the manager of Hardee’s after supposedly violating his rights by not giving Martin the correct amount of Hash Rounds. Fox News reported that Hardee’s website shows that a breakfast platter appears to come with about a dozen of the deep fried potatoes.

Martin, who is an African American is alleging the incident was racially motivated. He told Fox News “‘It’s not a money issue. I just want to be treated fairly.'” It was then reported that Martin alleged the manager gave him his money back after he complained but was not granted any more Hash Rounds.

Family we are becoming desensitized. All this man wanted was some Hash Rounds! Check out this video below to hear all the details about this story.