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Tampa, Fla.- According to WFLA, Mamie Walker is 84-years-old who depends on her monthly social security check to survive.

Over the past two months, Walker has been sent several letters from the government explaining that she owes more than $220,000 for college. The main issue is that Walker have never attended college nor learned how to read or write because she had to support her family working as a “field hand.”

WFLA reports that the letter describes that up to 15 percent of each of her checks will be withheld to pay off the debt. Since then not a single social security check came in during February or March. The government then sent another letter stating that Walker will not receive another check until September 2031.

“I’ll probably be dead by then,” Walker said. “I’m so scared. I don’t sleep at night because I’m so scared next week…my lights are going to be off.”

Her son, Morrison Walker took action to help his mother. WFLA said that his mother hasn’t been able to pay rent and is at risk of losing her home.

After her son called social security multiple times and listened to “hold music” to realize that nobody had picked up the call, he went to a local Social Security office. He was then told that it sounds like fraud and no one offered to help.

Recently, Morrison Walker called Better Call Behnken for further help to resolve this issue.

WFLA has called the Social Security Administration and was told that someone will reach out to the family to investigate. WFLA also has called U.S. Department of Education and said they will keep calling until they receive answers for Mamie.