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There is an elementary school in my neighborhood that has a tradition of placing quotes on a huge board outside on their lawn.Each Monday a new quote is there. No author. Just the quote. I, like many of my neighbors, have come to look forward to the quote of the week.Once I saw the man putting the quote up on the board; which was amazing because after all of these years, I’d never seen the quotes being placed. They were just there every Monday once I got to that intersection where the school is. I felt like jumping out of my car and telling him how much I appreciate them.But I didn’t.

This week the quote is clearly religious; though it often goes beyond religion, offering seeking minds the opportunity to think more broadly, more humanistic and more spiritual — irregardless of what your faith might be.

The quote reads…

“The Bible is meant to be bread for daily use. Not cake for special occasions.”

Deep indeed, I thought to myself.

I always find the quotes so inspiring. I am purposely not providing the name of the school because, just as the person who purposely leaves the name of the author off of the quotes; or goes beyond a specific religion or practice when designing the quote, the human mind has a tendency to judge, ignore or even shut “the lesson” down the moment either of these things are revealed.

I was, am, inspired to write this article on Faith though because I feel that irregardless of what your specific religion is, — and faith is born from religion — if it’s not doing these 6 basic things for you and your life moving forward, well, in a nutshell, how is it helping you to grow as a person?

The realization that you have everything you need within you…already.

I have been on this earth long enough to live this truth. Even in reflecting back on my life, the trials and tribulations I had to live through because NOTHING came easily for me…just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (minus the red shoes), I learned what I thought I wanted or needed, I always had within me. But just like having a key yet not knowing which door it will unlock, it took me a while to realize this. And now that I do, I understand life a lot better; and this understanding is very helpful in confronting it.

Giving to Others is the Only Way You Will Ever Become Truly Happy

First it might be best for us to examine that word: Happiness.

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