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The city of Atlanta police shortage

The city of Atlanta is about 200 police officers short.  Atlanta police chief Erika Shields says the #1 reason cops are leaving Atlanta is pay.  Chief Erika Shields is developing a 4 year plan to present to all of the upcoming mayoral candidates.


Operation fix failing schools

Last year voters turned down the opportunity school district agenda.  A new bill was introduced this week detailing that the state will be able to appoint a turnaround officer who would turnaround coaches, but this new plan resembles the opportunity school district since the turnaround officer would have the power to replace staff and also give operation of the failing school to another school district.


Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in Atlanta

(ICE) has confirmed that officials arrested nearly 100 people in last weeks raids.  Atlanta Immigration attorney Carolina Antonini thinks the action by (ICE) seems to sweeping up all immigrants not just immigrants with serious criminal offenses.  Attorney Antonini thinks President Donald Trump’s executive immigration ban is too vague leaving majority immigrants in the state of panic.

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