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According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC), men can take hormone injections as a method of birth control.

A recent study shows men nearly have the same success rate that women have with the pill. However, the side effects could pose some problems.

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The study was conducted from September 2008 to May 2012. The trial involved more than 300 men between the ages of 18 and 45 and their partners across the world.

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the 274 couples who made it to the “efficacy stage” of the study, only four became pregnant, giving the shots a nearly 96 percent rate of success.

The study involved giving a series of injections to lower the mens’ sperm count and requiring them to use the injections as their primary form of contraception. To be approved for the study, couples had to have been monogamous for at least a year before joining.

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The side effects, however, were too much for some participants, including 20 couples who dropped out because of their reactions.

According to researchers, forty-six percent of participants reported getting acne, and a majority of them said it was “probable” that their skin issues stemmed from the hormone injections. Thirty-eight percent of men said the injections gave them an increased libido. Seventeen percent of participants reported “emotional disorders” over the course of the study, although most considered their symptoms mild.

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“Despite the adverse effects, more than 75 percent of participants reported being willing to use this method of contraception at the conclusion of the trial,” researchers said.

Further birth control testing is scheduled for the near future.


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