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Roland Martin, host of TV One’s NewsOne Now, finally caught up with Pastor Darrell Scott – an ardent supporter of Donald Trump – during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

During a very spirited discussion, Martin pressed Scott to reveal specifics of Trump’s plan to address issues important to the Black community. According to Martin, the GOP’s presidential nominee has not articulated any plan referencing African-Americans.

Martin asked Scott bluntly, where is his plan “specific to African-Americans?”

After a long debate over Republicans questioning Pres. Obama’s legitimacy as an American, why African-Americans were upset with Trump over the birther issue, and the infamous Black pastors meeting with Trump, Pastor Scott began to share some of Trump’s views on what could potentially help the Black community.

According to Scott, Trump believes “the reason for the crime among the minority communities is unemployment and low-income.” 

Martin pressed the pastor to explain how the GOP’s presidential nominee plans to address these and other issues.

Scott explained Trump plans on offering “tax incentives for entrepreneurship and for businesses to relocate to the minority community and those tax incentives will stimulate businesses.”

Martin continued to probe for specifics, prompting Pastor Scott to say, “I have the plans, I just don’t want to release them before he (Donald Trump) does.”

Watch Roland Martin and Pastor Darrell Scott’s exchange over Donald Trump’s supposed plan to address the Black community in the video clip above.


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