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Angel Rice is hitting those flips!

The 17-year-old champion posted a video of her amazing tumbling routine to Instagram. Rice starts off with a strong run, then leaps into a series of flips including a round off, back handspring, double back, three whip-backs in a row back handspring (with no hands) and a double pike.

“I can do better but that was just for that competition,” said Rice in an interview with NBC News. “I’ve done harder passes. I’ve done a round off, back handspring, double-A, three whips and then another back handspring.”

Rice’s post has received over 16,000 likes. If that wasn’t amazing enough, in 2015, she broke the World Guinness Record for, get this: performing a series of ten double full twists in one minute on TODAY.

She told NBC News that her dream is to compete in the Olympics. “Hopefully they put my sport in the Olympics!” she said.

She credits her mom for teaching her everything she knows. Angel, we’ll be rooting for you!



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