Dr. Heavenly Says “Black Women Sometimes Talk Too Much,” Do You Agree? [VIDEO]


From our sister site MajicATL.com:

Married To Medicine reality cast-mate Dr. Heavenly was live with Maria More On-Air on Majic 107.5 to discuss her upcoming marriage and relationship conference, “Teach Me To Grow With You” which provides tips on how to grow while in relationships.

The conference will highlight advice from panelists covering topics such as spirituality, finances, personal development for singles and tips to keep marriages strong.

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Dr. Heavenly opened up about what she has learned about her own self after watching herself on the Married To Medicine:

“I don’t think people get to see themselves on TV and how they actually come across…I never knew I was that hard when I spoke, they say I’m abrasive…if you wouldn’t have told me that and I had not seen it, I wouldn’t have believed you… so one thing I’ve learned is to work harder on being more nicer and being less abrasive with my words.”

She also shares the how important people in relationships should self-reflect:

“It was very difficult for me to self-reflect and only thing I knew to do was to pray about it. I got a spiritual mentor (Jewel Tankard) I started reading my bible, and you gotta seek God first. In the bible it says,”Seek God first and everything shall be added…and if you seek Him first, he will give you that spirituality and let you know you need to shut up. You just don’t have to respond to everything…Men think logically and we think emotionally. We have to pick and choose our battles, men are strong but they are sensitive and our words can cut them like a knife.”

Dr. Heavenly further explains that how she keeps it fresh and refocus on her marriage:

“You have to work at it, read books, learn things, and I went and got certification to be a certified relationship coach, but mostly for myself…to learn what to do and what not to do…and to think about the things that I say. I don’t know about every other black woman but some of us, me myself, talk too much! We just say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Our husbands are strong and good providers and we need to just love on them and uplift them..we’re their helpmate and we need to be there for them.

What are your thoughts on black women talking too much? Do you agree with her opinion? Leave a comment below in our Facebook comments and let us know what you think!

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