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The Atrium

Built in 1912 by a team of African-American architects, the six-story Odd Fellows block was the address for many of Atlanta’s most important African-American owned businesses. The Atlanta Chapter of The Grand Order of Odd Fellows (a fraternal organization supporting and networking the black business community), built this substantial building as their headquarters and to provide much needed office, retail, professional meeting and entertainment space for African Americans.

The Odd Fellows Auditorium immediately became the center for African American entertainment in Atlanta. The roof top garden created a space to dine and dance in an elegant atmosphere and performances by the likes of Count Basie and Lionel Hampton were not uncommon.


Odd Fellows Article

Source: Provided / Radio One Atlanta

In the early 80’s and over three million dollars later, the Odd Fellows complex, in the heart of the Sweet Auburn’s Historical District, was restored and established a benchmark for redevelopment. The complex now contains over 50,000 square feet of prime commercial, retail, meeting, and entertainment space.


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Source: Provided / Radio One Atlanta

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