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Most of us expect to become parents by birthing our children one at a time and raising them from infancy to adulthood. Nothing prepares you  for cooking their meals, helping them find missing jackets, and being responsible for many aspects of their daily lives—not to mention enforcing rules and shepherding their occasionally wandering hearts. It is the wandering hearts that destroy us. We no longer take into consideration that we were creating to respect the bonds and rules that God gives us in the commandment to, “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.”

On the heels of ‘Fix My Choir‘ comes Oxygen’s new show ‘Fix My Mom‘ will dive into the struggles that face our mothers and daughters today. Amber (daughter) and Shun (mother) have decided to sit down and talk about what those spiritual and emotional struggles are. Self-proclaimed “super mom” Shun and daughter Amber both reside in the greater Los Angeles area. The two are extremely close, so close that it causes them to constantly bump heads. With Shun often acting more like a friend than a mother coupled with her negative attitude, the two want to work on finding the right balance in their relationship and establish boundaries. The pair admittedly does not respond well to criticism and will need to keep an open mind and commit to major self-improvement in effort to salvage their relationship once and for all.

Elev8: What is the common struggle, problem or denominator that faces you and your mother? What causes the strife?

Shun: The problem we faced on the show was that Amber doesn’t listen to me. Amber and I act as if we are friends more than mother and daughter, and it is hard to know when to be the mom or when to be the friend.

Amber: A common denominator between my mom and I that the other women also experienced on the show was the fact that my mom was not able to let me grow and make my own mistakes. Another factor was that my mom often tried to be a sister instead of a mom.

Elev8: Today, being a parent is a struggle. What do you think mother’s should focus on to build that bridge and create  that strength again?

Shun: To listen more!

Amber: . Mothers watching the show should focus on our transition throughout the show. Watch and see what we worked on, what didn’t work and it may help them understand their daughters more.

Elev8: Being on reality show is hard.  Being grounded and sticking to your morals and personal beliefs can challenge you. What has been your greatest lesson while doing ‘Fix My Mother’ ?

Shun: Greatest lesson on the show is that I learned to have more patience and be a little bit more understanding.

Amber: The greatest lesson on the show for me was to change my attitude and think before I speak. Also, to help my mom stay calm when she’s angry because she reacts mostly due to my own reactions.

Elev8:What has been your biggest regret on doing the show?

Shun Biggest regret on the show is me letting my temper flare, but when you are in a unique situation like this where a lot is on the line plus you are surrounded by a bunch of women… well you can only imagine the emotions that are flying around!

Amber: My biggest regret on the show was the drama that my mom and I had between Kami and Tonja. You will see that we immediately butt heads with them, and it is unfortunate that we had a hard time seeing eye to eye but you will just have to watch and see how it all pans out!

Amber ans Shun will challenge the audience to think about what it means to honor. Obviously, we are commanded to honor our parents, but how? Honor them with both actions and attitudes (Mark 7:6). Honor their unspoken as well as spoken wishes.  We should seek to honor our parents in much the same way that we strive to bring glory to God—in our thoughts, words, and actions. After children mature, the obedience that they learned as children will serve them well in honoring other authorities such as government, police, and employers.

The series premieres tonight Tuesday, October 27 at 9pm ET/PT on Oxygen. Will you be tuning in?

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