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Hello gorgeous! Happy Friday. Here’s your daily news roundup.

Supreme Court Makes Historic Ruling On Housing Discrimination Law In Texas Lawsuit

Gay marriage isn’t the only effort for marginalized people that’s gotten major gains in the Supreme Court today. A Texas non-profit just won a lawsuit against the state for the housing discrimination practices. Essentially, the decision declares that housing discrimination doesn’t have to be intentional for it to be illegal. Read more on the story at USA Today and right here on HB.

Over 40 Killed In Three Terror Attacks Today Around The World

I hate to sound bleak, but it’s when you hear stories like this that you start feeling like the world is coming to an end. Just as we’re in the middle of burying the victims of the Emanuel terror attack from last week, this morning were three new, separate terror attacks committed around the world that left at least 43 souls dead. A severed head with an Arabic inscription was found on the grounds of a factory in France after someone drove to the site this morning to induce an explosion. Then in Tunisia, approximately 27 tourists were killed in a gun massacre on a Tunisian beach. Finally, ISIS attacked a Shiite Muslim mosque in Kuwait City with another explosion, killing at least 15 people. Read all about it at the Wall Street Journal here and here and at the Daily Mail here.

Kansas Judge Stops State Law Barring Medical Practice For Second-Trimester Abortions

Gay and housing rights advocates may be stealing the major headlines this week but abortion advocates have plenty reason to jump and shout today, too. A Kansas judge just made a surprising ruling to block a law that would have banned dismemberment abortions, the most common form of abortion for women in their second-trimester. The law was set to start being enforced just a week from now. Only eight to nine percent of abortion patients generally undergo these kinds of abortions since most take place with the first trimester. However, advocates are excited about the win because it otherwise would have required women to undergo another riskier, more complex abortion procedure as an alternative. Read more at the Huffington Post.

Hillary Clinton Gets Busted For Withholding Emails From The US State Department 

Hillary Clinton is now being suspected of deleting or hiding work-related emails she exchanged while in office as the Secretary of State. The State Department has announced that Clinton failed to include 15 email exchanges with one of her advisors regarding relations with Libya when she originally submitted 50,000 pages of electronic correspondence. Clinton is claiming she only deleted personal emails like items related to her family and hobbies. However, Republicans are preparing to have a field day by directing questions to the State Department delving deeper into the issue and asking why Clinton was allowed to use a personal address. Read more at the New York Times.

Scott Walker Signs Bill Nixing 48 Hour Waiting Period For Guns

So I guess the mass shootings in Charleston didn’t resonate with Mr. Walker over the past week? The Governor of Wisconsin has signed a bill canceling the long-held 48 hour waiting period for purchasing guns. Advocates for the bill like James Fendry, the founder of the Wisconsin Pro-Gun Movement, was citing the story of Bonnie Elmasri to emphasize the importance giving vulnerable people options in protecting themselves.

Fendry claimed that Elmasri, a domestic violence victim who was killed by her estranged husband alongside her two sons, sought out purchasing a gun to defend herself less than 48 hours before her husband killed their whole family. There’s only one problem—Elmasri’s brother is claiming that Fendry’s claims were a complete hoax to get the legislation passed. Read the full story at the Daily Beast.


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