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For the second time in June, excessive force has reportedly been used on an unarmed young Black girl at a pool.

According to NBC affiliate WLWT, a pregnant woman and several children were taken to the hospital after they were accused of disorderly conduct at an aquatics center in Fairfield, OH.

The incident occurred last week, when Krystal Dixon dropped eight children off at the pool. After two teens were denied access due to their swimming attire, Dixon was called back. Accounts of what happened next are varied — Dixon, who left her daughter in the car to gather the rest of the kids — was reportedly grabbed by an officer.

Chaos ensued when the pregnant mother was pressed against a gate outside the center. Several children were also detained and pepper sprayed, including a 12-year-old girl in a bathing suit. Dixon and her sister Maya Dixon, 34, were arrested, along with the 12-year-old and a 15-year-old.

Bishop Bobby Hilton, leader of Word Deliverance Ministries in Forest Park and representative for the Dixon family, claims the police were out of order. It’s unclear whether Dixon is the mother of all the children.

“It was one minute and 45 seconds from the time the mother entered the facility until the time she was turning around headed back to her car and the officer stopped her,” Hilton said. After Dixon was handcuffed and put in a police cruiser, that cruiser camera recorded a woman saying, “I only came to get the kids. Could you have my daughter turn the car off?”

While the children can be seen on camera screaming for Dixon and her sister to be released, the police claim there was more than what the video shows.

Fairfield Police Chief Mike Dickey claims his officers didn’t use excessive force. He also says the mother started the fracas when she allegedly told one of the children to grab her stun gun after she refused to show her identification card to officers.

“I think the videos, including their videos, tell a different story. It’s clear to me in the videos they were non-compliant,” Dickey said. “I think when anybody is attacking a police officer, whether it’s a gun attack or a physical attack or a knife attack, these officers are obligated to defend themselves. Had she provided her identification much the same as the thousands of arrests and citations are made around the country, it would have ended right there.”

The 12-year-old sustained injuries after being slammed into a squad car, including a broken jaw and several bruised ribs. Those who were arrested, including Dixon and her sister, are expected in court Wednesday.

See video of the incident above.



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