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Despite Heavy Aid, Haiti Still In Shambles Months After Major Earthquake

Source: Joe Raedle / Getty

We all like to believe in the good of non-profits that help people in desperate situations around the world. But in the age of the Internet where the power of media gatekeepers have been lessened (for the better), it has come to attention time and time and again that many usually large non-profit organizations have some pretty terrible practices. The latest scandal that has come to light involves the Red Cross which raised $500 million for Haiti in 2011 after the country had been hit with a devastating earthquake the year before.

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The Red Cross launched a program called LAMIKA, which translates from the local Creole to English as something to the effect of, “A Better Life In My Neighborhood.” The money for the project was supposed to be used to build hundreds of permanent homes that would mostly be located in Haiti’s capital, Port-au Prince. The Red Cross had previously claimed that its assistance provided homes for more than 130,000 people. But unless it happened to build the most lavish mansions probably known to all of mankind that can fit that many people, it is a flat-out lie. Because the number is six.

This brings to mind the saying, “Follow the money.” Well, a few good people did. And now we and the people of Haiti want explanations for this foolery.


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