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Lifetime’s  new show Preach delves into the lives of four prophetesses, along with their individual protégés, as they navigate unique careers, relationships with each other and most importantly with God. Kelly Crews is leading the charge for God and she is using the show to do it!

Serving the community as an interpreter of God is no easy feat I discoverd. These strong and audacious women have the daunting task of emerging as leaders within a vastly outnumbered and historically man’s world.  These ladies have big personalities with a tremendous devotion to their religion and career.

Kelly Crews took a moment out of her ministry day to have a candid one on one with me. Here is what she said no holds barred!

Elev8: So, you know that everyone is really confused about what a prophetess does and doesn’t do! Let’s explain it onece and for all. What is the role of Prophetess?

Kelly Crews: The role of the Prophetess is to be a mouthpiece or an oracle of God.  She is one who speaks to edify, encourage and uplift.  She speaks with wisdom.  There are quite a few Prophetesses in the Bible and they were all used by God in different ways.  A prophetess is a person called by God and speaks on behalf of God. A Prophetess is sometimes considered a seer, because God gives her the gift of foreknowledge. God reveals His secrets to the Prophet/Prophetess and true prophecy is initiated, by the Holy Spirit

Elev8:What drives you to this place in ministry? When did you know this was your annointing?

Kelly Crews: My passion for God and the call on my life is the first thing that really drives me to this place in ministry. Secondly, seeing people blessed by the words that God sends through me to speak to them is amazing.  I never take it for granted. My desire is to see people embrace their purpose and pursue it.  I love when God uses me as His instrument or mouthpiece to unlock that place, in people’s lives.

Elev8: As with all reality docu-series, there is push back and controversy What do you say to people who believe this is a mockery of faith?

Kelly Crews: I don’t feel that I have to justify my gift, office or anointing to people who are in disbelief.  Not everyone is always going to agree or celebrate.  I am confident that God has chosen me.  When something is different or out of the norm, people often criticize it.  I’m used to criticism and choose to keep soaring to the places that God has already predestined for me. I am not moved.

Kelly is  fellow cast member Belinda Scott’s former protégé . She  building a ministry of her own. She is the only single Prophetess in the group and  has trouble finding a man who can handle her gift.  You will also meey Kelly’s protégé, Stacey Williams Stacey  is newly married and pregnant and struggles with making her prophetic training a priority

Lifetime has ordered six episodes of the docu-series, premiering Friday, June 5th at 10pm ET/PT. We will be  live tweeting  during the episode and  look forward to all you have to say!

Make sure that you check out this EXCLUSIVE clip below!

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