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If you want to see segregation in America, all you have to do is go to church every Sunday.

Each week, African-Americans go to Black churches, Whites go to White churches, Latinos worship at Latino churches, etc. Regardless of race, all mentioned claim to love the same Jesus, remain separate when it comes to religion and in many instances, have totally different views of the world.

On Tuesday, Bishop T.D. Jakes joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss The Reconciled Church initiative, how to heal the racial divide within the faith community, and this year’s MegaFest.


Healing the racial divide in the nation will take the Church’s leadership. Watch and learn how we can address the many root issues causing divisions in our society. Together we can avert a national crisis and shift the racial atmosphere of the nation by healing the racial divisions in the church.

Bishop Jakes explained that “our separation is killing us and we really need to come together and it doesn’t just need to be a Black problem or a Brown problem — it needs to be an American problem.”

“Until we see criminal justice, education … economic empowerment as an American issue and not just a minority issue, we won’t get the results on a national level that we really need to get.”

Jakes added The Reconciled Church was an “amazing opportunity to bring White pastors together with Black and Brown.” He continued saying there are many issues that White pastors do not encounter in their community as a result of not listening to the same news, interacting with the same people, reading the same publications.

“Where you receive your information from has a lot to do with the truth that you live by,” he said.

Bishop Jakes also talked about the semi-annual MegaFest conference, which will take place in August of this year in Dallas, TX.

Jakes said, “MegaFest is about families, it’s about friends, it’s about connections, it’s about worship, but beyond worship and entertainment and fun, we have something for all ages.”

He added, aside from the refreshing nature of MegaFest, seminars have been added to address entrepreneurship. A number of Fortune 500 companies will be in attendance to train MegaFest participants and share job opportunities that “we don’t hear about.”

Jakes expounded on the scope of this year’s MegaFest, saying there will also be health fairs and book-bag giveaways to help children get ready for the new school year.

“We really tried to cover the whole gambit of what it takes to really be full and free — spiritually, economically, emotionally.”

Watch Roland Martin and Bishop T.D. Jakes discuss The Reconciled Church and this year’s MegaFest in the video clip above.

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