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Brandy sat down with Wendy Williams to promote “Chicago” and her new BET sitcom, but not before she hinted about what happened to her engagement ring.

The singer has been pretty private about what happened between her and Ryan Press before they broke off their engagement. When she chatted with Wendy this week, she just said that it was a really hard time for her and her daughter.

“It wasn’t a good time and it was not a good time for [my daughter]. We were a family and when something like that happens you just–it doesn’t feel good,” Brandy told Wendy, adding that she and Ryan are back on decent term since they’ve both had time to get over the hurt. “It’s not what I did. It’s what we both did. We just grew in different directions. But we’re still friends and we still have a lot of love for each other. There are no hard feelings.”

Wendy was stunned to hear that Brandy and Ryan are cool, and it was all the ammo she needed to start asking about whether Brandy kept the ring.

Brandy danced around the issue of what happened to the engagement ring since she split up, and Wendy assumed that she’d kept it. All Brandy would say at first was that she no longer had it. The singer wasn’t going to say what she did with the bling one way or the other, and she danced around directly answering the question until someone hollered out, “She pawned it!”

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Although Brandy didn’t verbally confirm that she sold the ring, she did snap her fingers and smirk. She basically verified that, yep, she turned that cute ring into a beautiful paycheck.

Shuffling the conversation along, Wendy dropped any talk of the ring and brought up Brandy’s new BET comedy “Zoe Moon.” The singer/actress is more than ready to bring a strong, positive character to the network while delivering some laughs.

“I’m so excited to play her, and BET really is so supportive of the show,” Brandy shared, adding that she will also be acting as a producer for the series. “She’s a cosmetics mogul and she’s a mom. She’s recently divorced, and she was married to a boxer that cheated on her a whole bunch of times. She wasn’t having that, so she took the divorce money and started her own cosmetics company.”

Brandy hasn’t started casting yet, but we wonder who she’ll pick to fill out the rest of the show’s roster.


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