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Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate your siblings. As children, you fought over toys and car seats; as adults, you argue over perceived slights, or shared responsibilities. But April 10 is National Sibling Day, which means it’s time to put away hard feelings and remember why brothers and sisters are so special. Here are 11 quotes and scientific facts about the power of siblings and sibling relationships.

1. Siblings spend a lot of time together: By the age of 11, children devote one-third of their free time to their brothers and sisters, a 1996 Penn State University cited in TIME showed. That amount of time is even more than they give to their friends, teachers and parents — and themselves.

2. Siblings teach us social skills: Fighting with your brother or sister as a child was actually a good thing. According to at least one study on kindergartners, those with siblings got along better with classmates than those without.

3. Birth order matters: Firstborns are supposedly the most successful and the most driven to succeed, according to Jeffrey Kluger, author of The Sibling Effect.

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