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On Monday, March 9, an unarmed Black man, Anthony Hill was allegedly displaying aberrant behavior–knocking on doors and crawling on the floor inside of his apartment complex. And he was doing so while completely naked. He then went outside and into the parking lot, where a White cop had arrived, following a 911 call about “a male acting deranged.” Once in each other’s space, the cop ordered Hill to stop what he was doing, but Hill charged at him. The cop then fired his weapon twice at Hill, killing him the scene.

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The incident took place in a city outside of Atlanta and was captured by a voyeur with a camera phone. From DeKalb County Police Chief Cedric Alexander to newscasters, it was hard for them to make sense of what they were reporting on. What was he doing outside naked? And was the cop justified because he could’ve been attacked by Hill?

At a press conference yesterday at 1:oo p.m., Alexander “reasonably assumed” that Hill was suffering from a mental illness due to his actions. The name of the officer has not been released, but we know that he’s has worked in the police department for the last seven years. He’s currently on administrative leave because The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has confirmed it would look further into this odd situation. So far, the stories from witnesses and the shooting officer are reported to be consistent to what actually happened, but some are asking if the cop should’ve used a laser or pepper spray instead, which he also had.

Alexander said to the local media, “Yes, he was equipped with all the appropriately issued police equipment, including taser.”

Below is a screenshot of Hill’s last post on Facebook, published at 8:40 a.m.:

And today, a Twitter user posted a pic of a lone rose laid where Hill died:


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