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The state of Alabama is again at the forefront of change in the United States. It’s been reported that a handful of its cities and towns granted marriage licenses to homosexual couples. While this was a progressive step forward against the traditional Southern outlook (read: marriage is between a man and a woman) of holy matrimony, some countries fought back in supporting equal marriages and halted issuing marriage certificates all together.

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You could even say it’s been a bit of a showdown this past week between towns like Birmingham, Montgomery and Huntsville that held heartfelt ceremonies for gay couples while over in Troy, Judge Wes Allen begrudgingly won’t even marry heterosexual couple until gays are not allowed to wed. As quoted by The New York Times, “We don’t have any appointments, and we have a sign up saying that we aren’t issuing any licenses at this time.”

Alabama has been experiencing a back and forth battle since 2006, as their chief justice Roy S. Moore has been very vocal in wanting to forbid gay marriage. On Sunday, he insisted judges across Alabama to not issue licenses, but the Supreme Court initially rejected the request, as a previous federal ruling lifting an attempted ban, thus leading to today’s unofficial marriage day for the gay community.

Moore has been noted in being displeased with today’s events, but the LGBT residents are chosen to stick with love. Literally. Pictures of gay couples, some past 40, were pictured with certificates and wedding bans celebrating their moment.

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