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Rosie Perez dished that producers for “The View” saw that fight between Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell coming a mile away.

It wasn’t a huge shock to anyone that Whoopi and Rosie got into it on-air the other day. They both have very strong personalities. And let’s not forget the fact that Rosie’s last run on “The View” ended in a her huge blowout with then-co-host Elizabeth Hasselback. Who knew round 2 two would come so soon after her Rosie’s return to the show? Apparently the executive producers!

Rosie P. sat down for a kiki with Wendy Williams today, she revealed that producers flat-out said that she should expect fireworks this season, when she joined “The View.” She recalled, “They told me this is about being a team. You guys are going to argue; you’re going to disagree, but we want you to be respectful. And I said, ‘I’m in!’”

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If anything the actress was sure she was going to bump heads with her conservative co-host Nicole Wallace. Thankfully, she’s really come to respect her fellow newbie. “I was afraid that I was gonna, like, despise her,” Rosie shared. “I don’t despise people because they have opposing political views but I thought she would a combative person and she isn’t. What she is, she’s a fierce woman who knows her own mind.”

Joining the show was a whirlwind for the actress. The whole thing happened so quickly that she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to take on the role at first. “My manager called me two weeks before the show aired and yeah, I wasn’t trying out,” Rosie shared. “They called and they said, ‘Would you be interested at least to sit down with the executive producers to have a conversation?’”

She added, “There was this long pause because I was so disgustedly happy with my life already, yea, and I knew this would be a big change.”

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The biggest change for Rosie has been her schedule. “I’m exhausted. I’m so tired it’s not even funny,” said Rosie, who shared that she had to pass out before she got to watch a boxing match earlier this week. “You know Monday night boxing on FOX. I missed boxing and I live for boxing,”

The new schedule has really been hard on Rosie, and she thought that a little time with the glam squad every morning, but it hasn’t been quite the pick-up she’d been expecting. “I thought I would love getting my hair and makeup done every single day because I’m obsessed with hair and everything but it takes a toll on you,” she shared, admitting that the wardrobe has been working wonders. “I am living for the clothes, yes they turned me out!”


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