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*UPDATE*: Speaking of, “how did you get this job,” the Director of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson has resigned. The Wall Street Journal confirmed her resignation. See the tweet below:

So the Secret Service is out here slipping! They allowed an armed man with a criminal record for three different assaults to get into an elevator with President Obama during a September 16th trip to Atlanta to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This clearly violated the Secret Service protocol and what’s worse is that reportedly President Obama wasn’t even told about the breach in security. Director of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson testified claiming that she briefed the president, when she did not.

“I believe the President’s security was unnecessarily compromised,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told CNN. “A convict with a gun in an elevator with the President put his life in danger. The Director should have informed the President, yet she testified she did not. Did she lie to Congress or fail to inform the President?”

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White House officials admitted on Tuesday that they missed three chances to catch the intruder, who somehow managed to break into the White House. It was revealed on The Washington Post that the man carrying the gun is a security contractor. Wait, what? He worked at the White House? Sounds like this man has been plotting this for a while. We wonder how long he’s had the job?

The private contractor first aroused the agents’ concerns when he acted oddly and did not comply with their orders to stop using a cellphone camera to record the president in the elevator, according to the people familiar with the incident. Then when the elevator opened, Obama left with most of his agents and a few stayed behind with the intruder to question him and run a national database check on him.

Under a security measure called the Arm’s Reach Program, Secret Service advance staffers run potential event staff members, contractors, hotel employees, invited guests and volunteers through several databases, including a national criminal information registry and records kept by the CIA, the National Security Agency and the Defense Department, among others. Anyone who is found to have a criminal history, mental illness or other indications of risk is barred from entry. Well, at least they’re supposed to be.

This man clearly made it within inches of the president without having ever been checked once. How!? Someone needs to be fired over this. This isn’t the first time the president’s safety has been tested. On September 19th, Omar Gonzalez jumped over the White House fence and dashed into the sprawling pad. Again, how?!

Chaffetz, who heads a House subcommittee that oversees the Secret Service told the Washington Post, “You have a convicted felon within arm’s reach of the president, and they never did a background check. Words aren’t strong enough for the outrage I feel for the safety of the president and his family. His life was in danger. This country would be a different world today if he had pulled out his gun.”

An investigation is ongoing, as it should. This is a very serious matter! Imagine if the intruder would have never tried to record the president, therefore not allowing himself to stand out with unusual behavior? Would he have been given the chance to shoot the president?


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