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Canton Jones is a chameleon of sorts. He has the swagger of a hip hop mogul, the voice of an R&B icon and the unquestionable anointing of a man of the cloth.

But even though he can blend into any genre and appeal to any crowd, Jones leaves no doubt about his identity or his calling. “It’s always been a goal of mine to have a voice to speak life into the lives of others,” he says. “I’ve been blessed with the creative ability to use music as a vehicle to realize this dream.”

Jones’ crossover appeal is undeniable. From urban youth donning sagging pants, to progressive ministries who endorse his unique blend of hip hop, urban gospel and R&B, to middle aged music lovers who remember how it was “back in the day,” fans have embraced Jones’ lyrical edginess and warmed up to his heartfelt ballads.

More than an artist, Canton Jones represents a philosophy, a movement, and a generation relentlessly advancing a positive new sound in the industry. He understands that it is not just about the music, but about a lifestyle that offers peace and prosperity for anyone bold enough to pursue their purpose.

As a singer, songwriter, producer, and vocal arranger who has sold more than 100,000 units independently, Canton Jones has embarked on an ambitious plan to bring his unique style of hip hop, R&B and urban gospel to the forefront of the industry. On any given day he can be found sharing the stage with hip hop heavyweights like T.I., David Banner and Ludacris; collaborating with established creative geniuses like John Legend, Kirk Franklin and Patti LaBelle; or swapping verses with gospel powerhouses like Smokie Norful, Dr. Bobby Jones and Kiki Clark-Sheard.

As an entrepreneur, Jones is the consummate businessman, building an empire that will likely change the music business for years to come. “Kingdom Business” symbolizes his global business philosophy. CAJO International (a company he started with his wife Ramona nearly five years ago) – is quietly positioning itself in music, television, video, and global commerce, and raising a powerful new standard for young entrepreneurs around the world. Canton’s unlimited repertoire, massive crowd appeal, and global fan base have set him on a course destined to shake the very core of hip hop, urban gospel, and R&B.